Life !!!

New year resolution:
To stand up for myself.
Whether I work, or sleep or laze around…
Whether I choose a low paying job or choose to study..
Whether I wear a brand or roadside stuff
I will stand by myself. I will respect who I am and my choices.
I will not feel apologetic for the choices I make.
I will not feel sympathetic for what I am or what I have become.
I will stand by myself…my right and wrong choices…
I am good enough for me. Repeat this a million times…
I may not be good enough for you, but I am good enough for me.

This is all about belief, self-esteem and confidence.

A person who is strong inside, cannot be fragmented or cracked, but will be soft and polite on the outside. He will not be bothered by the world and its opinions.

In today’s faced paced world, we have no time to think. We follow the herd without knowing what we want. We have no time to stop and correct ourselves because we hardly have time to sleep or eat also. So, we forget our real aspirations and dreams. Hence it’s all the more important to know ourself well.. and be confident wherever we are in life. Whether you’re a janitor or Facebook CEO – all men are actually equal. The society projects some jobs as white collar and some as beneath our status. It’s all bullshit.

If we give in to such class concepts, in our inferiority complex, we will under-perform. We will meet tons of people who will feel we are worthless or we don’t do great jobs. That’s fine. Unless you have confidence, all this will bother you.. bother you so much that you’ll go mad or commit suicide feeling so negative about oneself.

Also, today it’s almost a crime to want to have a relaxed life or feel happy. You have to keep moving, keep changing and adapting.. as fast as the new gadgets that get released.. so you’re considered backward and incapable…if you want a relaxed life, it’s a crime. Don’t give in to that shit. This productivity frenzy is propagated by those who want to make more things and sell more fast, to make a fast buck.. and fill their wallets. India is a spiritual country. Since ancient times, man’s well being was considered of utmost important than material things. That’s the right way to look at the world. This western way of living is not right for most of us. 


By Subha

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