People around Us.

On 19th March, Evening Raj was returning from office to home, It was around 5pm on his walk from Vivekananda metro station to his house, Raj saw two boys walking on the main road, Raj had a bad habit of advising other, applied the same here to those two boys saying, guys please walk on the foot path, they were good and followed his suggestion with returned thanks ….

Then Raj noticed that both had drunk a bit, Raj asked from which place are you’re from.

One of the two replied, He is from Bihar [by name Nanda] and other from Nagaland [by name Sujit].

By looking at them Raj felt they were young, age around 22. Then Raj felt good that Raj brought them to foot path. Nanda seems bit matured and responsible person and Sujit was a jolly kind of guy.

Raj started talking with them, Where have you guys been seems you both are drunk?

Sujit replied: we had been to MG road and had Bear & spent time by roaming on … to enjoy their life. They were working in spice curry restaurant, Nanda is chines cook and Sujit job is sever at Spice curry Bar and restaurant.

Sujit, asked where have you been sir?

Raj replied been to office and returning home now, looking at my laptop bag sujit said software engineer?

I replied: Yes…

Among both Sujit was talkative and Nanda sound to me calm might be because he had more bear tins. But however people who drink, talks more … I was not sure here… continued with them…

Sujit started saying our working time are from morning 9AM to 12PM and 6PM to 11PM. we have break of 4hr a day and make use of it to roam around Bangalore, Today was MG road sir…

Raj replied: Nice you guys are enjoying life…. cool. Followed by asked how many members in family?

Sujit said, one elder brother and no responsibility sir and he don’t not send any money, he get around 10k.

Nanda said, one younger brother and one sister and he said around 10k per month to my family member.

Sujit replied, Nanda’s salary is more than me, He worked as cook na.

Sujit continued…  Sir visit to hotel once will provide you 15 % off on the billed amount.  He started reading hotel offers on food like take chicken biryani and 2 bear tin free… and many more…

With smile raj replied thanks Sujit for the menu and offer, Raj said his past experience with spice curry was not good told that he had come with family, Raj’s family did not feel comfort. I will come with friends some time… will make your of sure offers.

Sujit said, sure sir.

Almost we were nearing to spice curry and it was time to apart from our chat path … It is always good to talk to people around you and take good things out of them…

Both said, we love Bangalore, not only we have job also people here are too good & environment is awesome.

Raj got brought proved and big smile on his faceJ. Since he locality…

Readers may ask me what you get from this chat journey are….

  1. Time for self/family – “Use your free time”.
  2. Love and respect the place where you live.
  3. Responsibility brings matured.
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