The power of the Mantra

Repeating holy Names removes the various obstacles on the path and leads to the awareness of the indwelling Spirit.

What are these obstacles?

They are illness, doubt, mental disturbances, etc.

Repetition of the mantra introduces a new rhythm, harmony, into the personality, which calms the nerves and unifies the powers of the mind. And in due course, this leads to the awakening of the Spirit within. A beginner in meditative life may not be able to understand the power of the mantra. But if he sincerely repeats it, he will gradually realize its power.

“Japam – japam – japam!”

Even while you work, practice japam.
Keep the name of the Lord spinning in the midst of all your activities. If you can do this, all the burning of the heart will be soothed. Many sinners have become pure and free and divine by taking refuge in the name of God. Have intense faith in God and in His name, know that they are not different.

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