Trustworthy Friends

This is one of the famous stories in Bhutan, which is usually narrated by elders to youngster.

In a dense forest various animals and birds used to live together very happily, one beautiful parrot has made nest in a big tree. This parrot was not just green but also with colourful feathers and no one in the forest is as beautiful as this parrot with beauty this is very intelligent and a thinker bird.

One day this parrot started thinking about the tree were it lived, this tree might be very old and should have history, who has planted this tree? How about other plants in this forest? … I am only making use of this plant and nature around me…

So the parrot felt that it also need to contribute to this nature and planned to plant a tree in this forest, it fly into sky in search of a tree which has very sweet fruits and gets the very good seeds.

It digs into the ground and puts the seeds… Felt happy about self and had questions like who will water this in the summer…? How will it server without water…!!! Started thinking about this…. In this time it saw pure white rabbit jumping and it came to parrot and asked what are you doing parrot.

Then parrot explained its purpose and the problem to rabbit. Rabbit laugh loudly and I am your friend and I will help you don’t worry; It said I will fill water in my mouth and pour water to this plant and did it twice in front of the parrot.

By then one red faced monkey came and get to know the discussion between rabbit and parrot, and said, is it so simple to maintain the plant? It need fertilizers & clean maintains I will be with you guys until it grows as big as it can self sustain itself, offers his help and express his willingness to be part in good work.

After two weeks, two seeds came out as tender plants by breaking the earth, then three friends were worried how to protect this, it’s very delicate and there are not so strong to protect this tender plant.

Nearby elephant hear about their worries and concern and render his help and protection of plant and asked am I enough to protect this plant?  Three friends were very happy by hearing from elephant.

After few years this plant became and huge tree with fruits in it.  Parrot started tasting the fruits and good once it used to drop down the tree were rabbit was collecting them, and all four friends used to enjoy the yummy fruits.

In human society also same thing happens, one brings the “new thought” and someone water this new thought and protects it and someone shapes this new though by their experience as fertilizes and protest them to convert this new though for building good society and help humans to live happily in this world.

Reader, think how you can help this society … We always blame that rule is not good and this is not good. I feel every rule would have gone under this process to help human…


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