ASSOCIATION WITH THE WISE – Save yourself first

Have you seen some people going about busily ‘saving’ others? They are common only in the West. There are people who are always busy saving the souls of others from hell-fire. Do not think you have become saints and can associate with anybody you please. A Buddha, a Christ, a Ramakrishna can go t a sinner, be in the company of a sinner, and redeem him. Your case is different. You have not developed enough stamina even to redeem yourself. If you don’t understand what I say, just go and try to reform sinners, and see what happens in your case. You should now busy yourself with your sadhana. In the early stages of spiritual life you should not bother about anything other than your soul and God. Do your sadhana steadily and intensely with a definite purpose. Devote more and more time to your japa and meditation and studies. Then is you advance in spiritual life sufficiently, you too may be able to help others spiritually.

Sometimes when walking through the streets I feel shocked when I see some people. There is so much lewdness and greed in their faces and even their vibrations hit me when I pass them. How careful we must be in dealing with such people!

There is a funny story about a tramp who saw something like a blanket floating by in a swollen river. He immediately jumped into the river, swam towards the object, and caught hold of it. But then he began to shriek for help. People on the bank shouted to him to leave his hold on the blanket and swim back. The tramp replied, ‘I have left if but it does not leave me.’ What he had mistaken for the blanket as a bear! That is what happens to us. We go after certain objects or people, and then find we cannot extricate ourselves from them.

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