Story of Baby Mosquito

SIMPLE AND MEANINGFUL… :! (Story of Baby Mosquito )
Baby Mosquito went to his mum and said, “Mum, give me permission to Fly, I think I’m grown
up now” his Mum said, “wait for your Dad  in the Evening”

when his Dad came, the baby mosquito asked for Permission to fly and His dad said,  “Ok my son, But take great Care,,!”

After an hour, baby Mosquito came back and Dad Asked, “my son, How was your flight?”

Baby Mosquito said, “It was awesome, I perfected my flight so well that, people started Clapping at Me..!”

His dad said, “OHHH my son, those are Not claps, they were Weapons against you my son….
Thanks goodness you are alive!”

MORAL LESSON: As we go out for daily mission, most people forget that we are under God’s protection. Pray always and you will overcome temptations.

NOTE: With God, NO weapon formed against us, shall prosper.

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