I naanu
He avanu
She avaLu
You neenu
It adu
This idu
That adu
Mother amma
Father appa


Come baa
Sit kuLithuko
Walk nadee
Eat thinnu
Drink kudee
Win gellu
Go hOgu
Run ODu


What yenu?
Your Ninna
Name Hesaru


yes howdhu
no illa


please dayaviTTu
sorry kshamisi


there alli
here illi
come banni
Take thogo
Take (plu) thegedhukoLLi
Listen kELu
Listen kELi (plu)
Tell HeLu
Tell (plu) HeLi (plu)
Inside oLage
Outside Horage
Stop Nillisi
Now Eega
Then Aaga
Fast bEga
give koDu
Ours namma
Yours nimma
who yaaru
when yaavaga
where yelli
why yaake
know gothu
don’t know gothilla
Like ishTa
door baagilu
window kiTaki
chair kurchi
table mEju
house mane
how hEgE


2 Responses to Beginner

  1. Mohan says:

    typo: need to change ‘their’ to ‘there’ for the meaning of ‘alli’.

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